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The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
  Dedicated to the Co-existence of People and Nature in Africa
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Your contributions help to:
  • Preserve biodiversity and wildlife
  • Empower communities
  • Revitalize research
Wildlife Protection and Research

The Gallmann Africa Conservancy / The Gallmann Memorial Foundation preserve the environment and wildlife of Ol ari Nyiro through various initiatives that need your support

  • Anti-poaching and Elephant protection
    We support, equip and train a private anti-poaching squad, the first of its kind, that we founded in 1980
  • Firebreaks
    In dense bush, to prevent recurrent bush fires that destroy thousand of acres of precious biodiversity in the dry season, we regularly engage in creating fire breaks in our extensive road network. This is a lengthy, harrowing and very expensive, but vital project, that requires urgent support and also involves and benefits the local community.

    By employing community members to cut firebreaks we not only create much needed employment but also supply them with sustainable firewood to prevent deforestation.

    Kenya’s indigenous forests have been depleted at an unprecedented rate over the past few decades to make poor quality charcoal and make way for inefficient agricultural land use. Only pockets of indigenous forests now survive. The Engelesha Cedar forest on the Southern end of the conservancy is one of these, home to melanistic leopards and colobus monkeys, a species of butterfly previously undescribed to science and several rare bids. The Mukutan Conservancy is initiating a reforestation project to re-plant an area adjacent to the Engelesha forest which was cleared for wheat agriculture long ago. The reforestation project will return substantial benefits to the community- not only through employment and out-growers schemes but also through the sustainable wild harvest of indigenous forest products. It will also serve as a secondary barrier (between 2 fences) between the farming community in the south and potentially crop raiding animals.

    Biodiversity Monitoring
    In partnership with the National Museum of Kenya and visiting scientists we perform regular biodiversity monitoring exercises, in the dry and wet season and during the birds migrations.

    There is an increasing trend in the quantity of species recorded and in species area records and endemic species found during our regular biodiversity updates and field research.

    Archaeology and Site Museum
    We have discovered intriguing Archaeological sites in the Conservancy, and have built museum space and state of the art cabinets to store the exhibits for educational purposes.

    Further research is ongoing.
    Both projects needs support to pay Museum researchers fees, fullboard, transport, equipment

    Community / Wildlife fence
    To prevent Human- Wildlife conflict we have built and maintain a community electrified fence on our Southern boundary. We now need to build and maintain ten more Km of fence and employ community fencers to maintain it.
    We so far employ twenty community fencers.

    This is a vital project to create cooperation in the community whose farms have been dug along elephant corridors.

    Wildlife / Elephant corridors
    In order to alleviate the wildlife pressure on existing farmland, we are exploring alternative migratory routes for elephants, through Nagum, at our north -east boundary, with the aim to create community conservancies along this existing migratory route not yet interrupted by farms, but insecure due to presence of tribal hunters and poachers is one of the priorities.This project will be soon ongoing.


We host for free visiting local schools for first hand experience in conservation, support local schools with educational items, and needy bright youth with bursaries; we provide volunteers, and youth with hands-on learning and unique research opportunities.Depending on their qualifications and interest they can join visiting teams or help in one of our ongoing projects.


The Gallmann Africa Conservancy/ The Gallmann Memorial Foundation employ full time community officers and community liaison officers and is engaged in a variety of modern and proactive community projects.

The Land of Hope Community Project
In 300 acres of land adjacent to Ol ari Nyiro that we have specifically purchased, we are developing a model community project complex that will offer youth and women, adult education and training opportunities in art, vocational activities, sport.
It comprises:

  • Nursery school
    Vocational Centre for women and youth at risk
  • Women and pediatric day clinic
  • Clean water to community scheme
  • Sports complex with running track, foot ball pitch, volley ball court, long jump etc.
Public Health
We have built equipped and donated a Maternity Clinic and Health Centre to the Ol Moran Community, where women can safely give birth in modern facilities.Volunteer doctors teams visit regularly. We pay for the upkeep and maintenance of this clinic.

Food Relief
Since 2009 we provide regularly feeding to neighbouring children, and food distribution in times
of drought.

  • The Laikipia Highlands Games
    Sports for Peace
  • Annual event to promote peace and reconciliation through sports amongst tribes at conflict, and give opportunities to emerging new athletes.
  • Prayers for the Earth
  • Annual community event to promote peace amongst tribes and with the environment through art, music, and interfaith prayers
  • The Pokot Youth Peace Team
  • We have trained a group of Pokot youth and reformed young former poachers, who have become skilled acrobats, and role models for their peers.
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