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‘EARTH’, the event symbolizes a return to our roots and to the simplicity which Mother Africa exemplifies. Artists- musicians, dancers and landscape artists from Africa and across the world will come together for a period of one week prior to the event.

They will work together to create an inspiring and stunning performance of magic and imagination which will take place at dusk on Saturday 24th February.
Dinner will follow and then the music will strike up again.

Under the capable direction of Monica Maimone ( artists will be working together in the week before Earth to create an enchanting and magical show. Monica's shows are visually spectacular and her stories follow a captivating thread... She recently directed the winter Olympics opening in Turin, was responsible for the opening celebrations of the Bilbao Guggenheim, the Pope's millennium celebrations in Rome has also done amazing events in Japan, Moscow, the Grand Canyon...

The great difference this project has is that nobody comes with pre-prepared pieces. They arrive from their different corners of the world and improvise together and slowly a performance evolves. The alchemy that happens between the participants is almost tangible.


Under the direction of Monica Maimone of Studio Festi the following artists will perform:

Ayub Ogada

His life is a prime demonstration of the wonders of cultural collision; the exposure to both traditional African and modern Western values provided a rich background on which he founded his unique musical talents. A Luo from Western Kenya, Ogada traveled with his musician parents as a child, returning to Kenya to start his own band. In 1986, he decided to take his talents abroad. Armed with his nyatiti (a lyre-like stringed instrument), he went to the U.K., and played on the streets for money. After the better part of a year, he was approached and asked to play at Peter Gabriels WOMAD festival. His career has gone from height to height and we are extremely pleased to bring him back to his native Kenya to play with the fantastic Kenyan band Kenge Kenge

Virginia Rodriguez

Dubbed the "new voice of Brazilian music" by The New York Times, Virginia Rodrigues burst upon the international scene in 1997 with her stunningly evocative voice. Virginia Rodrigues, along with her mentor Caetano Veloso and producer/guitarist Luiz Brasil, presents a fascinating look at Afro-Bahian music and culture.

Sophie Barker

She is a singer best known for her work with the British group Zero 7. She is the co-writer of the band's biggest hit, "Destiny". Barker also co-wrote and sang Zero 7 songs such as "In the Waiting Line" and "Spinning" on the Zero 7 album Simple Things, which is a platinum record having sold more than one million copies worldwide.

Adrian Brendel

He has quickly established himself as one of the leading cellists of his generation, performing extensively as a soloist and in chamber music throughout Europe, the US, and Japan. He has worked frequently with artists such as Imogen Cooper, Paul Lewis, Till Fellner, Lisa Batiashvili, Daniel Hope, Lawrence Power, Katharine Gowers and Tim Horton. He is co-founder of Music at Plush, a summer music festival held every year in Dorset, Southwest England.

Hayden Chisholm

He is a saxophonist and composer internationally well known for his ground breaking work with the artist Rebecca Horn and as a performer in the Jazz and New Music scenes. Originating from New Zealand where he won the prestigious Young Achievers Award, he studied music and philosophy in Germany, India, and Japan and has since performed at major festivals all over the world.

Pantelis Pavlidis

Pandelis was born in 1959 in Lefcona, Greece. He started playing the mandolin, flute and guitar at school. He first started playing the pontian lyre at 25. Pantelis also plays other instruments such as the Cretan lute, percussion instruments of the Meditteranean including the dulcimer (santour) and working with singers. Pandelis Pavlidis is not simply a performer; every tune that vibrates the chords of his lyre, seems to include all the wisdom of time that carved him and the freshness of the new.

Moipei family Singers

Magdalene Namenyara, Martha Siteiya and Mary Nankai

Michel Ongaro and Oneko Arika

Aszure & Artists

Founded in 2002, ASZURE & Artists is a contemporary dance project that unites diverse internationally acclaimed artists to create innovative performance works. The project draws inspiration from a range of cultural and artistic influences as well as from its own individual members. The seasoned dancers express their unique voice through compelling physical expression as they explore human idiosyncrasies and the intimacy of human interaction. Aszure Barton’s choreography speaks to all with powerful creations of vivid movement-imagery. Her work has been described as intensely musical, sublimely erotic, structurally astonishing, emotionally moving, and life affirming. Aszure Barton will be coming with 4 dancers to work with Kenyan Dancers from the Sarakasi Trust -

Afro Cuban Drum Ensemble

The Afro-Cuban Drum and Dance Ensemble is a unique group of dancers and percussionists performing the folkloric music and dance of Cuba.The drum and dance presentation highlights both the performative dimension of Caribbean culture, and the rich musical heritage of the island of Cuba, where various African nations have blended over the centuries to produce a unique musical idiom reflecting as well the distinctiveness of Afro-Cuban ethnic groups. 2 members of the ensemble will be joining us to perform with our Kenyan dancers and drummers

Daniel Stark

Daniel Stark danced with the Pennsylvania Dance Theatre, Corning Dances and Co., David Berkey Dance Company, Duarte Dance Works and Vandance. He has performed works by Alfonso Cata, David Dorfman, Louis Falco, Fran?oise Martinet, Lonne Moretton, Charles Moulton, David Parsons and Shapiro & Smith. He studied the Afro/Cuban folkloric tradition with the Los Munequitos de Matanzas and Grupo Afrocuba de Matanzas in Cuba, and Michael Spiro and Roberto Borrell in the States. Stark is a founding member and dance coordinator for The University of Iowa Afro/Cuban Drum and Dance Ensemble, which recently performed at the prestigious Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) in 2004.

Claire Weston

Born in Heywood, U.K. and trained at the Royal Ballet School, Ms. Weston joined the Royal Ballet Company in 1991. During her nine years with the company, she performed in numerous ballets, toured Europe, Africa, Asia & the US and created roles in new works by William Forsythe, Twyla Tharp, Michael Clarke, Ashley Page & William Tuckett. Ms. Weston is currently Producer of Steps Beyond and Director of Student Programs at Steps on Broadway. As a Producer/Artistic Director she has worked on concerts, film screenings and fundraising events in the U.S., Kenya and Namibia as well as gala evenings for the First State Ballet Company with Julio Bocca (American Ballet Theater) and Leanne Benjamin (The Royal Ballet).

Alan Sener

Professor and Chair has presented over 50 dances for The University of Iowa Department of Dance. Sener teaches improvisation, choreography and modern dance technique in the tradition of Louis Falco with whom he performed as a principle dancer as part of the New York-based Louis Falco Dance Company. He was entrusted with the artistic direction of the Falco Repertory, a dance legacy with which he continues to be associated. Sener is active as a freelance choreographer, and conducts master classes and choreography workshops worldwide. As a performer and choreographer in film and television, his credits include seven national commercials, three music videos, two industrial videos and two feature films

Sue Hill

She is a visual artist and theatre maker, core member of WildWorks and member of the Creative Team at the Eden Project. She has worked with many companies including Welfare State International, Emergency Exit Arts, Walk the Plank Theatre Ship, and the Royal National Theatre. Sue was born and educated in Cornwall.

Zac Greening and the Earth Energy Project

Zac has been an artist for twelve years. His work explores energy that exists in nature. The medium he uses to explore this subject is primarily through kinetics and light. A few of Zac’s recent commissions include BP, Speedo, BMW, Jigsaw as well as a host of work to be found in galleries and collections in England and abroad.