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The Gallmann Memorial Foundation
  Dedicated to the Co-existence of People and Nature in Africa
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We provide researchers, volunteers, and youth with hands-on learning and unique research opportunities. Our educational resources impact the local and global communities. Researchers from around the world study Ol ari's Nyiro’s diverse biological, cultural, and ecological systems. A wide range of secondary school to university students participates at the Laikipia Wilderness Centre. As a living memorial to Emanuele Pirri Gallmann, the Centre provides young people an opportunity to learn about the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship. While the Four Generations Project works with the surrounding communities to record significant knowledge and rituals, it stands to influence both Kenya's national curriculum and international ways of recording ritual.

  • The African Humanities and Biodiversity Centre hosts visiting researchers and students who are interested in conducting post-graduate studies in African humanities.
  • The Laikipia Wilderness Education Centre educates small numbers of high-school and university students in environmental education.
  • The Four Generations Project monitors and records significant rituals, songs and oral tradition of Pokot, Turkana and Samburu tribes who live in the neighbouring areas. The Four Generations project received a grant from both the Ford Foundation and Nando Peretti Foundation.
  • Community Projects - The Gallmann Memorial Foundation engages its community in wide range of community activities. These projects include everything from outreach and service to development and scholarships.

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